Why We Study Math

Fun graph on why we study math

Side Note: This graph is dedicated to Nathan Yau, the author of Flowing Data. Because it’s one of my favorite stops for data viz stuff.

I always wondered why we studied what we studied in Math while growing up. Now I can connect the dots better. And now I always wonder why Statistics isn’t compulsory. And what’s the practical application of studying tons of calculus.

50 Python Scripts Later

A more longish note than usual: This graph is dedicated to Zed A. Shaw. Because that’s how I got introduced to Python (his awesome tutorial) and survived. Thank you. I still have to miles to go, though 🙂

Surviving the basics of a programming language is little satisfying because I never I thought I was wired to program. I had some forced exposure to C and C++ in high school, and decided right away it wasn’t for me.  In retrospect I think I tried to learn the wrong way. Expected too much and too quickly. Moved on to the advanced without mastering the basics. This time I went with a different mindset ..to draw graphs ( just kidding).