Stuck in a Meeting

Side note: I don’t like meetings at all. I just don’t have a great attention span and tend to zone out really fast; so kinda not the meeting type of person. Which is one of the great parts of working in a startup : there are less meetings. And meetings are short and to the point for most part.

Having said that; this doesn’t imply I haven’t done any of the above in one! And I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one in the world.

Apparently Helpful

Note: Two things amaze me which led to this graph:
1. The sheer range of the ‘self-help’ section in bookstores
2. How little we remember of the stuff we read and how we are always so momentarily inspired and then proceed to forget.

A Non-Programmer’s take on Getting to know Programmers

Note: I have actually been fortunate to work with some awesome programmers. But it was a completely different world for me; coming straight from an engineering-math background (and no programming experience) and plunging into a web application startup. But fun; nevertheless for me observing how fantastically weird the programming community is. This graph is dedicated to two friends with whom I had a lot of fun working : Vid Luther and Graham Christensen.