What Employees Want

Side Note : I attended Tedx San Antonio last Saturday and it was one of the most awesome events I’ve attended. This week I’m going to illustrate three of my most favorite talks starting from today (tough because every talk was brilliant).

This graph is based on a brilliant talk by Graham Weston (CEO of Rackspace) which answers the question : What do we want as an employee from a company? Ans : To be a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission. The only thing I have added is the hope of a winning team or the vision of one. If every boss keeps this in mind, our workplaces would be so much better.

Limits = Good (Mostly)

Side Note : I was about to post one of these graphs today in the usual style and then decided on something different. Decided to just draw part of my thought process as it is and do a graffiti of sorts. Sorry if the angles are difficult to read.