Implementing Processes

A few thoughts around implementing processes in groups.

To start process implementation is a fancier way of saying trying out new things to execute a certain goal.

There are two ways to introduce a new process within a group of people.

The first is the autocratic way of process implementation where you say “here is the new process and everyone has to follow it” and then even associate it with some deterrent to make sure it’s implemented.

The perfect example is the act of logging your time and then you don’t get paid if your time is not logged.

This is usually acceptable with everyone when you trust the leaders and there is also room to ask why.

The second is a more democratic form of process implementation. It is showing why the new process makes sense for everyone and getting a degree of buy-in from everyone involved.

In this way people can understand how to align an external process with their own internal processes.

The second is of course preferable but ideallyjust cannot be implemented in all scenarios. A lot of things like HR etc. are sometimes best just conveyed to you.

Additional I’ve come to realize a few things about processes –

1. Any form of structure is usually met with some form of internal resistance

2. A process is as good as it’s adopted. Similar to leadership- as great as the people who follow. No two companies can have identical processes, what works with one set of people may or may not perfectly work with another group.

3. It is best never to be attached to process you’re trying to implement but the outcome you’re trying to achieve.

Two Way

Side Note :  Communication is a two way street. Tried to graph a rule guide today – overall I hope this highlights one thing: what you say has not much value till a person listens.