Low-Hanging Fruit

Side Note: Low-hanging fruit maybe relatively easier to get but definitely less fulfilling.

Tried something different (and scary) today. Scanned one of my sketches (which are usually converted into graphs)¬† and posted. Scary because I [clearly] don’t know how to draw. Couldn’t think of showing this better … even in a graph.

The Catalyst

Side Note : Today  I explored change visually. Change that we bring about (not the one that happens by fate). Why do we work towards change ? To decrease the pain of our current situation because we imagine the changed situation to be less than painful than the current situation. And it is .. but we gradually go back to the initial state of dissatisfaction. And then we bring about change again. And again.

What I find fascinating about the change we bring about is that it usually stems from a sense of dissatisfaction in what we are currently doing. Dissatisfaction is the catalyst to positive change. A long side note today.