Not a side not, but decided to ramble a bit more today. I’ve been thinking about the nature of jobs of late. A job which you haven’t defined yourself or you haven’t created can never be remotely reflective of your potential.  It’s someone else’s conception of what they think you’re capable of -> which can never be accurate. Trying to find a perfect “job” working for someone else which uses your full potential is nearly impossible, just because they have defined it.

A perfect job in very nearly all cases has to be something you create yourself, not fitting in with someone else’s requirements of a role. My theory here is – how happy one is in a job is kind of proportional to how much it uses your potential -> negligible: super unhappy, a small percentage or higher -> happy.  A usual job defined by someone else doesn’t just try to fit a round peg in a square hole, but takes a utilizes a very small square out of rambling figure.

Side Note: Initially this was a sketch.. decided to “paintbrush” it last minute!


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