From tracking to using data

Everyone is tracking data. All kinds of data, if there is anything that’s not being tracked, companies and people sometimes goto extraordinary lengths to make sure we’re tracking everything about the user.

I always hear (and I’m equally guilty of saying these words) – “Omg, we aren’t tracking this data?!!” . And then promptly behave like we’re doomed forever – the data tracking paranoia syndrome. As a result we all spend a lot of time painstakingly tracking everything.

And of course we rarely hear – “Omg, we aren’t using this data?!”.

Looks like this –

Tracking user behavior is easy. Much easier than making decisions around it.

I’m not talking about easy decisions like the color of a button or the layout of a page when we A/B test it. But company strategy and direction  –  the important decisions.

Looks like this –

I’m not saying we use all the data we track. But be more conscious of why we are tracking what we are and how we plan to incorporate it into decisions.

The collecting data to making decisions gap isn’t going to become zero but can definitely be reduced.

Less time tracking, more time making decisions on what we’ve already tracked and understanding how to learn from it.

2 thoughts on “From tracking to using data

  1. Great post on one of the biggest problems of how analytics operates within a business. The responsibility still rests on the analyst who needs to develop a culture that is more balanced between tracking behaviors and using that data to drive more success.

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