Introducing Storylines

I’m starting a new group called Storylines. Kicking it off in the Bay Area to start with and if it resonates with people will open it different cities.

What is Storylines? Storylines is a group that brings one woman every month to share her story. One story,  each month – from a woman whose ideas make a difference.

“Women only” is usually assumed with groups which are women centric. However, men are more than welcome to come and attend and I hope a lot do!  And the other thing assumed when starting something in Silicon Valley is that it will be restricted to technology. But we will have a wide range of topics all to do with ambitious women.

People I’ve talked to about this have asked me why am I doing this? The reason is simple, I want to highlight women who make a difference in different ways. I am asked questions about being a “woman in the valley” and how to enter the field and the truth is my journey (I’m hopefully still somewhere at the start and there is a long way to go) can and could have been done by anyone.

How does this differ from other women centric groups – like women 2.0 etc? It differs both in simplicity and focus. I want to simply bring light to more stories to everyone. It’s a 30 minute story followed by a 30 minute discussion.

For the first event, Jennifer Pahlka, the CEO for Code For America has graciously agreed to share her story. I’ve had some great friends  (Malvika, Priyanka, Anita, Amy, Adam) who have given me feedback with ideas. Ellesse from Trulia who have agreed to sponsor the events, she makes organization look so easy and good.

I hope you’ll sign up and be part of this. Together we can be inspired by more women who make a difference.

And of course, the events are free of cost.

Hope to see you there.

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