On Starting

Starting is hard. Finishing is harder.

On second thoughts, I got that wrong. Starting can be really easy or hard but finishing is always harder. So difficult it makes starting look like a piece of cake.

I’ve been trying to finish this post since ten days.

I would have taken longer had I not decided to post on October 3rd.

Everyone is encouraged to start. The oft talked about inertia of starting.

It requires something else to cross the finish line.

The ease of starting is dependent on my enthusiasm – usually pretty high and lasts for about a few minutes or till I hit the first roadblock. After that I’m not sure what takes me through.

What do I have planned for the blog ahead? I’m not entirely sure. I think I want to make a few graphs – not sure I’m over them yet, work with some data and for the first time write. Will be saving some serious data posts for the Visual.ly blog. The pace and mix will be all be apparent soon.

Going to figure out the rest while working on this. This is enough structure to start.

It was a good break.

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