The New Job Market Rulers – Data Scientists

There is a current new wave if you’re in the data analysis job market. If you’re a data person, the new hottest job title to own – Data Scientist.

So what on earth is a data scientist? A data scientist is someone usually with an advanced statistics (or similar) degree but can also handle data, has data extracting proficiency (equivalent coding skills) and combines them with business skills to generate insights on massive amounts of data. Different than a data engineer.

Data scientist = Data guy+ Programming skills (handling databases) + Business skills.

I’ve illustrated where the skill set of a data scientist lies-

Data Scientists are  very hard to find right now and I think it’s just going to keep getting harder.  Right now, this is what the trend is looking like –

So why are data scientists so hard to find? I think it’s got to do with one reason – Most statistics/math/related field graduates even with PhD’s are not trained out of college in programming and database skills. The curriculum is designed so they are good at data mining and statistics but it’s harder to find the self learner to take the plunge into programming to become a data scientist. This is eventually going to create a huge scarcity and we will probably see newer degrees in college education addressing the need coming up. Till then if you’re currently a good data scientist, you’ll probably have a field time!

The connectors in data are becoming more valuable than the specialists.


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